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Liquidizer Herb 2 Vapor Extraction Kit
Liquidizer Herb 2 Vapor Extraction Kit

Liquidizer Herb 2 Vapor Extraction Kit
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  • Product Description

    Liquidizer - Herb 2 Vapor Extraction Kit

    The Liquidizer is a purpose made herb and flower extraction kit which allows users to produce high quality butane extractions quickly and easily at home.  Create your own concentrates, waxes and e-liquids for dabbing and vaping with this simple to use kit. 

    Fill the steel extraction tube with your choice of herbs, flowers or plant matter – the Liquidizer can accommodate around 7g – 10g of dried herbs such as cloves, mint or vanilla. 

    Next, place the collection beaker underneath the tube and fill the basin with warm water.  Place the supplied butane canister on top of the tube, loosely holding it in place with the quick release clamp and insert the nozzle into the rubber stopper to secure the connection.  When you are ready to start the extraction process, relocate to a safe, well-ventilated outdoor area and push the clamp handle down to begin forcing butane into the extraction tube.

    The extraction process takes around ten minutes to complete – for safety reasons, we recommend that you walk away from the Liquidizer while this process takes place and return once the mixture in the beaker has stopped bubbling.  The warm water in the basin helps to purge your extracts of any remnants of the butane by encouraging the butane bubbles to pop and evaporate in a similar way to bubbles popping when you open a can of soda. 

    Once you have collected all your concentrate oil in the beaker, you can dilute the mixture with the supplied EJMix to achieve a thinner viscosity and ready the oil for use in an e-cig or vaporizer pen.

    The EJMix is Liquidizer’s own, specially formulated solution.  Produced from a blend of Propylene Glycol (PG), PEG300 and PEG200, the EJMix is the perfect formula for creating stable herbal emulsions – the EJMix will not separate from herbal oils, has no noticeable flavour and can be used in different quantities to create different strengths and viscosities of e-juice to your suit own personal preference. 

    The Liquidizer is supplied as a complete kit which includes everything you’ll need to create natural waxes, oils and e-liquids, bursting with flavours, terpenes and active ingredients.  Order the Liquidizer Herb 2 Vapor Extraction kit from EDIT today for free worldwide shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.


    1 x Liquidizer Complete Kit

    1 x 15ml EJmix Liquid

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    concentrate utensils Preparation / Protective
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