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Freeek Tube
Freeek Tube

Freeek Tube
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  • Product Description

     'I can be your Freeek'... not me, but this original 'Freeek' Tube can be!

    Introducing the latest addition to the line from FGIA's award-winning artist of the year 2010, Freek! And judging by this extraordinary piece of art it is easy to see why!

    The 'Freeek' tube is all handspun, meaning that no lathe was used throughout the process, creating a smooth, unique and authentic finish on every part of this masterpiece.

    There are 2 very distinct features of this water pipe, the first of which is the intricate fillacello work all over the tube.

    The fillacello effect, in essence, is created by painting with molten glass, using a molten boro rod which helps achieve the refined color work which is found on the 'Freeek' tube.

    The Fillacello styling is used to complement and breakdown the hand spun glass, and as such can be found at the focal points of the piece; namely the mouthpiece, the main chamber, the base and also the downstem.

    The variety of styles include Egyptian keys, some knotwork and also some wig wags.

    In addition to the fillacello styling there is a variety of glass horns which stem from the middle of the main chamber and curve round to accommodate the shapely features of the main chamber.

    Upon looking at the reduction point in the main chamber the focal point again is the wide array of southward facing glass horns which are displayed in a two tiered fashion and grace the entire circumference of the reduction point in the tube.

    As if that wasn't enough there is also a set of two tiered, northward facing glass horns which engulf the circumference of the lineworked mouthpiece, which when combined complement this stunning piece exquisitely.

    Further supplements to the piece include a matching 'concentrate' dome set, designed for either 45 or 90 degree joints, meaning you can switch which joint is covered by the GonG cap. The matching theme remains concurrent throughout, even down to the matching rap 'n' rake diffuser which again features very intricate fillacello stylings.

    From first glance it is evident that this glass bong has some very unique features, however it is only upon closer inspection that you begin to truly appreciate both the passion and intricacy put into this piece, right down to the authentic 'Freeek' millifiori which is located on the back horn.

    Overall this is a design which boasts both prestige and authenticity, guaranteed to make you the talk of the town. Available now in Canada! 

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Freeek
    diffuser Holes
    height 600mm+
    joint Female
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Flared, Straight
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