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Fire Button Portable Enail
Fire Button Portable Enail
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Fire Button Portable Enail
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Grav Labs
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In a Nutshell
  • Portable dabbing enail
  • Fast heat up and cooldown times
  • Massive battery for plenty of life between charges

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  • Product Description
    The Fire Button e-nail from Grav Labs is a game changer when it comes to dabbing on the go. What you have is a power pack and an e-nail, that's it. No plugs, no waiting times, no wasting material. It does of course come with a charger lead, but you don't need to take that out with you on you travels. The design of this is about as simple as Grav Labs could make it, the power pack itself has three built in 18650 high drain batteries to power it and a 'fire' button on the side plus the charging port. You plug your e-nail into the power port and then drop it into your rig and you are ready to go. You then have two options when it comes to actual dabbing. Either you can hit the 'Fire' button, watch the nail get red hot and then drop your dab onto the titanium skillet or, because it heats up so quickly, you can place your dab on the bowl of the nail and then hit the fire button to vape it immediately at full temp. Luckily it cools almost as quickly as it heats up and within about a minute you can just pack it up and put it away again without any worries. The insulation of the nail and it's ceramic body construction means that the outside rarely gets any more than warm, meaning it's one of the safest way to do full-on dabbing with almost no risk of burning yourself. The triple battery design will give you a huge amount of use between charges so even if you are going away for a day or two you can still be sure you'll have power to spare. If you enjoy dabbing but taking out your torch is too much effort or risk, then this is the answer to all your needs.
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