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Weed Star Glass

Weed Star have harnessed a reputation as one of the most popular and trustworthy scientific glass suppliers in the industry through their commitment to manufacturing high quality products all the while aiming to put a smile on the face of their loyal customers. Weed Star was set up in the year 2003 by a glass designer called Ziggi Jackson. Jackson's main goal was to create the highest quality glass bongs which are an element to traditional smoking culture but to include innovative new designs and new percolation methods and techniques. The result of this effore left Jackson's Weed Star as a major player in the smoking industry with a range of some of the best and most innovative smoking accessories and equipment on the market.

Weed Star - Percolation

Weed Star have at their disposal a huge range of glass bongs and accessories that are suitable for smokers of all experiences, occasional or regulars, you name it and they've got it. One of the major themes of Weed Star's work is the percolation techniques that go into their glass pieces, this is a major aspect of each and every one of their bongs and water pipes. Weed Star are constantly updating and innovating their line of percs and this leads to new and innovative ways of securing the coolest and smoothest smokes.

We carry a wide range of Weed Star products such as 5mm Glass Bong Messias Illusion Ice, Bazooka Glass Bong, Circ Perc Ash Catcher & many more. Order your favorite Weed Star products & avail our famous price match guarantee!

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