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Firefly 2 Vaporizer White
Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
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In a Nutshell
  • Dry herbs and concentrates
  • Best Vapor Quality in a portable
  • 3 second heat up time

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  • Product Description

    Firefly 2 Canada - Premium Herbal Vaporizer 

    The Firefly 2 Vaporizer from Firefly is a dynamic personal vaporizer for any smoker and every type of dried herbal mix or concentrate form. Quick heating time and high-tech details make this vaporizer one you will definitely end up cherishing.

    The current Vaporizer scene is all about powerful, handheld portable vaporizers and the Firefly 2 Vape is one of the premium devices available. The Firefly 2 Vape comes equipped with 6 preset temperature settings which can be controlled by both your smart phone app and by using the smart technology sensors located on the side of the device. One of the best new features to be added to the Firefly 2 is its incredible heat up time! This Vaporizer can reach 205°C / 400°F in a mere 5 seconds! This is significantly better than most of its competition. 

    Beware Of Fakes

    All our stock is genuine and sourced directly from FF2. Be aware of other online sellers who may be selling counterfeit products. We will beat any Canadian competitors price on a genuine Firefly 2.

    Firefly 2 Canada - Technology

    Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path and Bowl:

    The Firefly 2 Vape comes equipped with high quality borosilicate glass which makes up the entire Vapor pathway and bowl. By having the entire vapor pathway made of borosilicate glass this helps to ensure that you will get the coolest and most pure vapor and strongest and most tasty drags. The Vapor pathway is super easy to clean and lovely to look at.

    Magnesium Alloy Construction:

    The Firefly 2 Vaporizer has a tough as nails body which is constructed from magnesium alloy. This material ensures that the FF2 is a vaporizer that is durable, robust and strong. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer can take minor wear and tear like a champ and still come out vaping on top, producing some of the finest clouds you're like to see from a portable handheld vaporizer.

    Firefly 2 Canada - Vapor Quality

    The Original Firefly Vaporizer had garnered a reputation worldwide for consistently producing some of the finest quality vapor out of all portable dry herb vaporizers. The Successor to the throne, the FF2, has continued along in this same vein and is again capable of producing some outstanding, quality and tasty vapor. One of the best features of the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is that the quality of the vapor does not diminish regardless if your a vaping concentrates or dry herb materials. The all borosilicate glass pathway is a massive aid in the Firefly 2's ability to produce supreme vapor which is a massive plus for all users as this, combined with the all glass chamber ensures users the cleanest, most pure and the tastiest vapor. 

     Firefly 2 Vaporizer Canada – Temperature Setting

    Firefly 2 vaporizer is also known as “iPhone of vaporizers”. The firefly 2 has 6 preset temperature setting (5 preset temperature setting for Dry herb and one for concentrate) that can be easily controlled though Firefly 2 iPhone or android app.

    Preset Temperature Setting for Dry Herb:

    Level 1 –  Low - 340°F / 171°C

    Level 2 – Medium Low - 360°F / 182°C

    Level 3 – Medium - 380°F / 193°C

    Level 4 – Medium High (Default) 400°F / 204°C

    Level 5 – High- 420°F / 215°C

    Preset Temperature Setting for Concentrate:

    500°F / 260°C

    Note: Concentrate setting can cause combustion if used with loose-leaf material

    Firefly 2 Vaporizer Canada - Features

    • 33 % smaller and 55% lighter than firefly vaporizer
    • 5 Second Heat Up Time
    • 6 Preset Temperature Settings – 5 for dry herbs and one for concentrates
    • Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path and Bowl
    • For Use with Dry Herbs or Concentrates
    • Magnesium Alloy Construction
    • iOs and Android App Compatible for Customization
    • Convection Heating System
    • Rechargeable and Replaceable 7.4v Li-Ion Battery
    • Available in Variety of Colors (See Drop-down)


    Included with the Firefly 2 Canada:

    • 1 X Firefly 2 Vaporizer
    • 1 X New Charging Dock
    • 1 X USB 3.0 cable
    • 2 X Rechargeable Batteries
    • 1 X Cleaning Kit
    • 3 X Concentrate Pad


    How to Use Firefly 2 Vaporizer Canada?

    Firefly 2 vaporizer is very user friendly. Here are the step by step guide for vaping concentrates through Firefly 2 vaporizer:

    1. Download the firefly app and use the “concentrate temperature” (500°F / 260°C) for optimal use
    2. Place the concentrate pad into the bottom of heating chamber
    3. Use the small amount of concentrate material on the center of pad, don’t try to overfill the pad
    4. Solid – About the size of grain or rice
    5. Liquid – 2-3 drops
    6. Replace the lid and make sure it fitted correctly
    7. Switch on the firefly 2 vaporizer and touch sensors to start heating
    8. The LED will blink green initially and turn solid green when it’s ready
    9. Hold the censors continuously, while taking initial 5 to 10 drags
    10. After initial heating, return to the normal inhalation


    Firefly 2 Canada - Battery Level

    Firefly 2 has a 7.4 V lithium ion battery. Simply tap the right touch sensors for 3 times & see the LED indicator to check the battery level.

    Blinks Red – Empty, it’s time to recharge your unit

    One blue blink – 25 % charge

    Two blue blinks – 50% charge

    Three blue blinks -75 % charge

    Four blue blinks – 100% charge


    How to Pair Firefly App with Your Firefly 2 Vaporizer?

    1. Dowload the Firefly app from iTunes and android app stores.
    2. Open your firefly app
    3. Touch firefly2 sensors with your fingers, once LED starts blinking green, release it. Firefly is now in listening mode
    4. App will bring up the pairing screen and allow you to select device
    5. Create a custom name of the device if needed
    6. A green checkmark on app indicates that you are now connected
    7. Firefly 2 will blink for 3 times to indicate that it’s connected

     Please note: Until further notice, you can not download the app for this device from the app store - android apps are not affected.

    Pros and Cons to the Firefly 2 Vaporizer Canada:



    1. Premium vapor quality with dry herb and concentrates
    2. An efficient fast charge battery. You can easily replace the battery
    3. Delightful and easy to use
    4. 2-year limited manufacture warranty



    1. It’s one of the most expensive vape but the quality of firefly 2 worth price
    2. Average draw resistance is higher than other vapes
    3. Finish can scratch
  • Technical Specifications
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