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Illadelph Bongs, Bubblers & oil Rigs

The Illadelph bongs we provide are like precious diamonds quarried from the center of the earth’s crust. We pride ourselves in designing our Illadelph glass with surgical precision to ensure that your lungs soak up every last precious drop of natures vitamins. Our products guarantee you a beautiful and unforgettable smoke that will take your high to a whole new level.

Offering a diverse array of products, Illadelph glass, is sure not only to meet your expectations but to exceed your expectations. We supply hand pipes, bubblers, straight tube bongs, beaker base bongs, oil rigs, and a whole host of other fantastic products that are the cutting edge in the industry.

Not since the wheel was invented has such a giant leap forward occurred for mankind and pipe kind, because make no mistake about it Illadelph bubblers are a game changer. Neil Armstrong’s immortal word could be changed to: "That's one small step for man........ one giant leap for Pipe kind."

After you have sampled our products you’ll find yourself coming back for more and more as the experience will be unforgettable, emotional, extraordinary, and of course sprinkled with a little touch of perfection on top.

To the refined and sophisticated smoker our products will become an essential part of your life sure to ease you through life's stresses and put you on a path of zen like calm.

Scientists say that there are six elements necessary for life on earth, but to lovers of natures herbs this list should be revised to seven as Illadelph bongs should take its place as the seventh vital element. To lose your Illadelph beaker or bubbler would be like losing a limb itself.

Some come ahead and see for yourself what all the fuss is about by purchasing some of our wonderful products only available at www. We are guaranteed service, guaranteed quality, and guaranteed high with a capital H.

We stock all top rated products from Illadelph such as 5mm Series Short Beaker Bong , Fixed Stem Micro Beaker Rig , Showerhead Disc Bubbler & much more. 
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