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Grav Labs | The Best Bongs, Pipes & Bubblers

Grav Labs was founded in 2004 out of Texas, USA with a single product to their name. Fast forward a couple of years and Grav Labs have become one of the most synonymous names in the smoking and glass industry. They have harnessed a reputation for themselves as one of the world leaders in creating quality, beautifully designed scientific glass. So you can expect nothing but the best bongs, glass pipes, handheld bubblers and all sorts of smoking accessories! 

Grav Labs - Helix Pipes and Glass

Grav Labs are known for their amazing selection of some of the best Helix bongs and pipes on the market, some may even go as far as to say that Grav Labs even in Canada are the masters of all glass done in the unique Helix shape. The Helix shape allows for a much more dense smoke to be created and it is also great for cooling down the smoke. Helix glass are a type of percolator that works so well by using the different pressure found in the lower and upper areas. This fantastic Helix smoke-cooling technology is available on a whole range of Grav Labs products including bongs, glass hand pipes and precoolers. 

We here are EveryOneDoesIt are proud suppliers of these fantastic products such as 12 Inch Beaker Bong , Nano Tree Perc Straight , Ionix T101 Vaporizer , Helix Bubbler Package  and much more. With our wide range of Grav Labs glass and handpipes, we're that there is something for everyone in this collection. 


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